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What's inside the paint by numbers set?


Get acquainted with the standard unit of high-quality sets for creativity “Paint by numbers” of brand PICASSO

The long-awaited set for creativity in your hands. What will you see inside after opening the package? Different paint by numbers sets from different manufacturers have different package. The complete set and the quality of the components have a significant influence on the final result. In this article we explain in details what the creativity set of Picasso Classic and Picasso Premium includes and how it affects the final result.

So, the standard package of almost every set for coloring is as follows:


1) Bright colorful packaging-case equipped with a convenient carrying handle (the handle is not usually provided for small size paintings, for example 10cm*15cm). Packed in such a way the picture will be a great gift to your family members and friends

2) Brush set for painting with different thickness (3 pieces)

3) Wall mounting units. Simple and effective solution that allows you to quickly and easily fix the wooden stretcher with the canvas on a vertical surface. The most beautifully a picture will look framed with individual frames that can be purchased at the appropriate creative workshops.

4) Real high-quality coated canvas made of 100% cotton with linen effect. The canvas is divided by contours into many zones with numbers for painting. Clear segment delimitation allows you to easily and quickly paint over the desired segment with the appropriate number.

Some manufacturers use thick cardboard instead of canvas. There are also paintings with synthetic canvases and such sets are cheaper. However, the end result may disappoint you, as paint falls differently on the synthetic canvas, it is poorly absorbed, the feeling of drawing is not so bright, the appearance of the picture is much worse.

Only authentic cotton canvas is the best and the right choice, because exactly on such canvases real artists draw. That is why all creativity sets PICASSO are equipped with only natural canvas.

5) The canvas is stretched on a wooden stretcher of dried wood, which serves as a solid frame for the finished work, keeping the shape of the picture for many years. The finished work can be hung on the wall as on wooden stretcher, and in the appropriate frame (baguette), which will be in harmony with your interior.

Most manufacturers of paint by numbers do not complete their sets with wooden stretchers. As a result, you get a twisted crumpled roll of canvas on which it is inconvenient to draw, and after coloring you will need to make an individual stretcher. Saving on such sets will result in additional costs in the future.

6) The quality of paints and their correct selection largely determines the final result of the finished work.

In all PICASSO paintings by numbers you will find a set of high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly acrylic paints, harmless for health.

The paints are poured into individual jars, each of them has its own number. All jars are packed in a special vacuum packaging, thanks to which they retain their properties for many years. The number of colors and shades of colors depends on the size and complexity of the picture and can reach 50 different colors.

The sets of PICASSO Premium paintings are completed with unique paints, poured into sealed tubes, which allows them to remain "fresh" and vivid for a long time.

All paints in the PICASSO sets are selected in such a way that they do not require mixing and are immediately ready for application. You do not need to spend time to get the right color, shade, mixing paint with each other – the manufacturer took care of this.

This means that you can create your masterpiece quickly, easily and with a guaranteed result!


7) Paintings of medium and large size (30cm*30cm and larger) are additionally equipped with a repeated graphic pattern scheme, which you can check in with the process. If the picture does not completed with this scheme, you can make it yourself, after photographing of not painted canvas and print it.

8) Specific paintings by numbers (for example, a painting-clock, fluorescent (glowing) picture and similar) are additionally equipped with the appropriate elements (clock mechanism, luminous paints and other), to give a picture the finished look.

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