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Features of Picasso Premium painting set


PICASSO PREMIUM is really high-quality coloring sets. What makes this brand unique and different from others? Quality and again – quality.

Paintings by numbers PICASSO PREMIUM have a good detailing, the most correctly chosen colors and the best paints among all creative sets.

Most of the manufacturers of colorings by numbers have at their disposal only the possibility of computer image processing and selection of colors of paints. In the pursuit of assortment very little time is given to the process of creating a new storyline, that affects the end result of the work, which, believe please, in most cases will not please you. The creation of a storyline and its careful working out is a very hard and serious joint work of artists and software administrators. All paintings at the final stage are mandatory colored by experienced specialists and finalized at the slightest mismatch of colors or the end of the story. This process is long and laborious, requires a lot of time and resources. But the result is worthwhile as the finished picture will meet your expectations.

Due to the poor development of the plot by cheap manufacturers, the final result of the work will often not coincide with the declared pattern on the website. Moreover, image of the original famous artist is very often downloaded on the site, misleading you and saying that after coloring the picture you will get exactly the same result. Of course, it is impossible to draw one in one the same brilliant picture, as in the original of the great masters. But the result can be as close as possible.

And to ensure that your expectations and the result coincide as much as possible, exactly the picture that will come out after the completion of the work is painted on all boxes of creativity sets of brand PICASSO PREMIUM. You can be completely sure of that.

The uniqueness of the Picasso PREMIUM sets is that all the paints for paintings are packed in special tubes. What is this done for? It's very simple-packing in vacuum tubes allows you to store the paint in a more saturated (not such a watery) form, and with the same density in all colors. This is almost impossible when storing paints in ordinary jars. Moreover, such storage of paints ensures freshness for more than 2 years. That's why the finished works PICASSO PREMIUM have bright and vibrant colors.

Another advantage of the pictures PICASSO PREMIUM in comparison with conventional manufacturers is a large range of colors used while creating a the picture. As a result, the pictures are more realistic, bright and attractive. Compare, for example, 2 finished work of the same plot. On the left side there is creative set PICASSO PREMIUM. The paint by numbers set has 31 colors. On the right side the picture of cheap manufacturer, 24 colors.

Saturation and vividness is obvious in comparison. 

And in general, the end result will show better than any words the quality and uniqueness of  creativity sets PICASSO PREMIUM. Compare the finished works from PICASSO PREMIUM and sets from other manufacturers:

So, we can assure you that buying creativity sets PICASSO PREMIUM you will get a great end result. Of course, such sets are more expensive than usual sets. But the higher cost of paint by numbers sets is not associated with the desire to earn more money, but with higher production cost of goods and even more – with higher quality. After all, to draw a complex picture by numbers is not a matter of one day. And the end result should please you, not disappoint!

And it is up to you to decide whether to pay extra money for quality and grade of the painting.

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