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What are paint by numbers sets?


What are paint by numbers sets and why are they so popular you can learn from the following article.

Paintings by numbers relates to DIY goods (DO IT YOURSELF). Originally invented more than 50 years ago in the USA, this market segment is gaining momentum, continue growing and expanding. In recent years, since the first commercial samples release, more than 12 million paintings have been sold. That was an incredible explosion of popularity in the international markets.

In the 2000s, in the East in Asian countries, thanks to modern technology, the production of color by numbers sets acquired "new lease of life" and came into the spotlife. Paint by numbers seriously pushed the classic and traditional element of the DIY market - cross stitching, bringing to the market something new and original. Modern producers of paint by numbers sets for adults and children offer a huge range of products: of different size, quality, topic and configuration. The product is widely represented in most countries of the world, its sales amount to more than a hundred million dollars annually. That is why paint by numbers is one of the main drivers of the modern DIY market and is experiencing rapid growth.

So what are paint by numbers sets?

Pictorial art by numbers, colorings by numbers, color by digits, colorings by figures, digital painting, drawing by numbers are the synonyms of phrase “Paint by numbers” or “Picture by numbers” which mean the same process.

The process is the following:

  • The creative set has an artistic basis (cotton or cardboard); the basis is divided into certain segments; each segment has a border and is contoured. Each segment has its order number
  • The segment number is the same as the number of paint that is supplied with each creative set. Our task is to paint over all segments of the canvas with colored paints with appropriate numbers and get a magnificent and unique masterpiece!

Everybody is capable of doing it and that is why paintings by numbers are so popular nowadays. 

ORIGINAL                                                                                                          FINISHED WORK


Paint by numbers is a unique opportunity for everyone to feel like an artist, creating a masterpiece with their own hands. Thanks to the technique of drawing by numbers, everyone can create beautiful paintings even not having a special art education. To do this, you will need to purchase a creativity set PICASSO and paint the numbered surface of the canvas with colored paints with numbers that correspond to a particular number in the picture.

And if you have minimal painting skills, such as glaze, accurate blends, pointillism, the effect of softening of the edges and others – your work will be as close to the original as it can be, at the same time having a bright personality and unique features inherent only to you!

The creative set consists of 2 main elements: canvas and a set of special paints. Art canvas is stretched on a wooden canvas stretcher (frame) and is ready to work. The canvas is made of high quality natural coated cloth with linen texture (100% cotton) and represents a graphic scheme with contours, made by experienced artists manually and adjusted so that you are able to fully enjoy the fascinating process of drawing. Instead of canvas, some manufacturers use thick cardboard. Also there are paintings with synthetic canvases. From our point of view, cotton canvas is the best and the right choice, because real artists use such canvases for drawing.

Paints are also included into drawing set. Depending on the manufacturer, the sets can include either basic colors that need to be mixed to obtain the desired shade and effect, or already fully finished and numbered sets of colors that do not require mixing, as the manufacturer took care of this in advance. In such sets the paints perfectly match in color and are presented in the right amount so that your future masterpiece look like the original, and maybe even better ; -) It all depends on you!

Therefore even if in school your Mom was making drawings for you, first steps in drawing ended with light annoyance, you had sometimes to blush for your own “masterpieces” and you do not know complex and traditional artistic basics, canons and rules – it does not matter! Now everything is simple and accessible! Our sets PICASSO will help you to carry your desires into effect!


Pictures by numbers have won recognition all over the world and bring pleasure to people of all ages, continuing to win more and more new fans. Join us!

Paint by numbers sets for adults and children PICASSO - create, draw, experiment and do not be afraid to spoil!


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