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Our advantages

8 reasons to choose us

Many producers of paint by numbers kits exist throughout the world and even more sellers from whom these sets can be purchased. Internet is filled with various advertisements for sales of thousands of paint by numbers sets from thousands of sellers, and this diversity results in lots of questions for an unprepared person:

  • How to avoid mistakes in buying paint by numbers sets while not being an expert?
  • What a set shall be purchased and of what brand? And what is the difference between them?
  • Will it be possible to make a drawing stated by a seller?
  • How to choose an item that will satisfy your expectations as high as possible. Will not disappoint you and will give pleasure?
  • How to choose a seller to buy goods safely and reliably?

You understand that it is not the best option to spend time for painting a set and be disappointed by the finished work.

And sometimes you will not even start painting: if you buy a paint by numbers set in unverified locations, especially in Chinese online stores, you must be ready to obtain a kit with old dried paints, damaged and crumpled synthetic – not natural – canvases having poor quality in terms of paint application. Also, these kits usually come without canvas stretchers: it’s not convenient to work on such a set and, when the process is complete, you will also have to buy a stretcher and to put a canvas on it.

So, what to do?

Only one answer exists for all these questions and doubts and it is very easy: choose a proper professional seller capable to resolve all your questions in combination and to guarantee the wide range of goods, quality, affordable prices and satisfaction from goods purchased.

Are we such a reliable partner and seller?

Please read about our advantages and make your decision!


1) Specialization

Narrow specialization makes it possible to be professionally engaged in the area chosen, to develop it and to keep a trend of recent events and news. This approach as well as regular analysis of demand and feedback with the final buyer makes it possible to deliver the optimal range of high-quality and interesting goods to the market and offer these goods irrespective of season, i.e. always and with good prices.

2) Thorough choice of the manufacturer

We work only with high-quality manufacturers proved over years. A vast number of manufacturers and even greater number of brands are represented in the world market. Furthermore, different brands can represent the same manufacturer. In other words, you overpay for marketing that has no influence upon quality of sets. Some brands available in the market demonstrate dubious quality: poorly painted set’s details, insufficient elaboration, poor quality of paints, synthetic canvases etc. Also, some brands are excellent but highly overrated.

We always seek the “golden mean” and cost-effectiveness balance. Before beginning our work with any manufacturer we analyze it thoroughly. Visiting the plants and inspection of manufacturing processes are the integral parts of this analysis.

However, this thorough analysis gives good results: you pay only for quality with no overpays for marketing.

3) Quality guarantee for all goods

So, are there any questions possible in this matter? However, they exist. Various “surprises” can be found in paint by numbers set having dubious quality: slack canvas; distorted stretcher or no stretcher in the scope of delivery; dried paints; poor stenciling; paints poorly applied on the canvas; the finished drawing not always meets information specified on the box or online page etc.

If you buy goods from us, you may be sure of your choice. We provide guarantees for the full range of goods. It means that you will never find a product with “rubber-like” dried paints, folded or rolled canvas without wooden stretcher or poorly made one; that the finished work will meet the specified image as far as possible; that all kits are fully complete and the canvases made of natural materials are already placed on a wooden stretcher.

If something is wrong with the kit, we shall immediately resolve any question with the return or exchange of goods or return the money.

4) Direct delivery of goods from the manufacturer

We are the company importing the paintings by numbers sets. It means that all goods are delivered directly from the manufacturer. We never carry the goods through the intermediaries and have only direct contact with the manufacturer making it possible for us to control quality, to guarantee affordable prices and to deliver the products promptly to the final buyer.

5) Fair prices

We guarantee fair prices and the best cost-effectiveness ratio.

The pricing policy is of paramount importance for us and we make all efforts to offer fair and affordable prices for goods for the final buyer. We never enter any price-fixing conspiracies, never orient towards the competitors’ pricing, and we have no obligations towards partners or trade networks to keep artificially the level of any price. The prices for all goods are exactly such that they must be for high-quality certified goods legally and duly delivered to the country with all taxes and duties paid.

6) Range of goods regularly renewed and recent new products

Due to many years of experience in this area and specialization, we are capable to offer the goods especially interesting and trendy from our point of view. Not all new products find their way to our shop but only the best ones. We carefully keep track and regularly analyze the market of goods for creative activities to find high-quality, required and interesting new things.

7) Only high-quality goods

Quality control is critically important, and we pay maximum attention to offer high-quality and verified products to our final buyers and to protect against any possible troubles.

We have no goods of unclear quality or origin. We don’t try to deliver the goods at any cost, compromising its quality. We don’t work with cheap mass products with low quality. All goods in our store meet the world standards of quality and safety.

Reliability of goods must not result in troubles and divert from enjoyment of really high-quality thing. Therefore, all goods are subject to laboratory tests and certification in accordance with the national legislation (if necessary). The goods meet hygienic, sanitary and other norms and requirements and, respectively, they are safe for you and your children.

8) Always “fresh” goods! Always proper storage!

While the paintings by numbers are not vegetables, they, like vegetables, need special storage conditions and have shelf lives. Quality of paints deteriorates with time. The longer is the time while goods remain in a warehouse, the poorer is the quality of paints: they become dry and significantly lose all their properties. Also, such goods must be kept in warm warehouses not exposed to direct sunlight.

How to check the times of manufacturing of paints and the kit itself? It’s virtually impossible and this is the reason for you, if you buy goods in street sales outlets, from dubious Internet shops or unverified sellers, to be ready to see that your kits contain paints dried, old or foamed as a result of keeping at variable temperatures (e.g. in a cold warehouse) and stored much longer than normative shelf lives.

Due to high volumes of sales and regular refreshment of pictures, we guarantee high quality of paints and “freshness” of pictures. All paints are made at factories in accordance with our individual orders and immediately shipped to us, not being stored. Only we ensure that the date of manufacturing is labeled on kits at a factory and you always can see the real date of manufacturing.