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Discount Program

For regular customers - bonuses, discounts and privileges! Learn what the Discount Program is about

The “Advantageous buying” cumulative discount program (hereinafter referred to as the Program) is the Program for encouragement of regular buyers, with the advantages of this Program available when you buy goods in the online store.

The program goal is to provide the participants with bonuses and privileges available as discounts and special offers.

What is the program core?

The Program makes cumulative and special discounts (up to 15%) available for participants. All goods listed at online store are covered by the program.

Program scope?

The Program rules are applicable to all goods available for sale, without any exceptions, including the goods covered by discounts, price reductions, sales, campaigns etc. We made a decision not to complicate the program by detailed description of goods covered and not covered by it: for absolutely all goods, discounts and accumulations are applicable. If several discounts are applicable to some goods, these discounts are not added: the highest discount prevails. You always have the maximum from available options!

How to become a participant in the Program?

It’s easy:

  1. When you carry out the checkout procedure for your first order, specify in the appropriate field that you want to become a participant in the discount program, and fill the relevant data asked by the system.
  2. Proceed with the order checkout and buy the goods in the online store.
  3. Bingo! You will get your guaranteed discounts and (or) accumulations during your subsequent purchases, irrespective of the purchase amount, with the initial purchase amount recorded and added for accumulation.

Pay attention that after filling the data for participation in the discount program an administrator will use these data to create and activate the account within 7 days. With your account activated in the system, you become a participant in the Program; the welcome SMS will be sent to notify you about it.

Program participant identification

The account is linked with the login (the mobile phone number) that you specify within the order checkout procedure. It is this number that is used to identify the participants of the discount program.

To obtain a discount and (or) to accrue accumulations the participant must implement the identification procedure: you must confirm that the number is yours.

For this purpose, you must only login before the beginning (or during) the order checkout procedure at the web site: enter your login (phone number / e-mail) and password.

After logging in the site, you enter your order in accordance with the standard checkout procedure and, if you have cumulative or other discounts, they will be distributed automatically in accordance with the current accumulation level.

Program specific features

For your account in the system, the validity period is unlimited, and it makes cumulative, one-time, special and other discounts available for you in accordance with the amounts, procedures and conditions specified in this Program.

The accumulation period starts from the time of the first purchase and lasts for 450 days from the time of the last purchase. After this period, the accumulation amount is zeroed. So, the system analyzes the amounts of purchases for the previous 450 calendar days.

The Program participant obtains a discount in accordance with the available accumulation level if this level is sufficient for the discount. The amount of the current purchase does not affect the amount of the available cumulative discount, and it shall be involved in the accumulation only for the next purchase!

If a Program participant changes the mobile phone number, he/she may address the administration with the application to change the phone number and to record the new number in the accounting system. The mobile phone number is not available for changing by the participant.

If goods are returned, irrespective of the return cause, the cost of returned goods is written off from the Program participant’s cumulative account, and the accumulations and the discount level are subsequently recalculated if necessary.

The system and types of discounts available for the Program participants

1) Cumulative discounts

When you become the Program participant, all amounts of purchases you make with the submission and confirmation of the right to discount will be recorded in the special cumulative account. The discount amount is a function of the total amount of your purchases for the previous 450 calendar days and the goods you purchase. In other words, if you make no purchases during the previous 450 days, your accumulations will be reset to zero on the 451st day.

The table of cumulative discounts:

Accumulation amount, GBP


£30 - £95


£95 - £185


£185 - £305


£305 and more


2) One-time discounts subject to the specified amount of purchases

These discounts are available for each buyer (even those not being the Program participants) subject to a one-time purchase with the amount as follows:

One-time purchase amount, GBP


£100 - £200


£200 and more


If you are a Program participant and you are logged in at the time of order processing the amount of this purchase will be accrued in the accumulation after the goods shipment.

3) Special one-time discounts

A) Birthday discount. For each participant of the Program, 10% discount for all goods* is available. The discount becomes applicable 7 days before the birthday, on the birthday and 7 days after it, as recorded in the questionnaire.

The birthday discount is applicable only if your cumulative balance is positive (i.e. the total amount of purchases for the previous 450 days is greater than 0).

*If a discount is already set for the goods, this discount and the birthday discount shall not be added: the higher discount prevails.

Limitations and exclusions

The site administrator, i.e. IPICASSO Sp. z o.o., shall not be liable for any failures of the Internet provider or electric mains, for technical failures of the accounting system used to keep the Program participants’ accounts, if these failures prevent activation of the Program participant’s discount and, as a result, fulfillment of obligations in terms of dispatch of goods in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Program. In such a case, IPICASSO Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to refuse to carry out a transaction with the Program participant’s account until the malfunction causes are fixed.

This program of discounts and their rules as well as all accounts of participants of the discount program are provisional and valid only until the time when the new discount Program is approved, the current Program is terminated or additions and (or) amendments are made in the current Program. The participants of the previous Program are automatically switched to the current Program.

IPICASSO Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to revise the Program rules or to make any amendments and additions to these rules including the Program cancellation at any time without the program participants’ notice. These changes become valid from the time when they are published on the website in the “Discount Program” section. The Program participants should visit this page from time to time to be informed about any possible changes in these Program rules.

If a Program participant uses his/her account and obtains a discount and (or) accumulation through it after making changes in these rules, it means automatically that the account owner is informed about the revised Program rules, expresses his/her agreement with these rules and accepts them without any limitations and reservations.