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Quick exchange or return of any product within 14 days

Problems arose with goods or quality? Or you just need to return the goods? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we shall resolve all your questions!
Dear Buyer! If you found the goods inappropriate for you or you have problems with goods, you can exchange or return it at any time. It is easy and not difficult. See the table that will describe and explain in an easy form how you can do it and what are the necessary conditions for doing it.



New goods of proper quality

Goods of improper quality

Time for submission of claims and demands for return

14 calendar days from the time of real receipt (delivery) of Goods

14 calendar days from the time of real receipt (delivery) of Goods.
If the warranty service coupon is available for the goods, the periods for claim submission shall be extended until the end of the warranty period specified in this coupon

Is it necessary to have a reason for return or claim?

No. You can return the goods without any explanation of reasons!

Yes. The reason for return must be specified

How can I inform about my problem and submit the demands for return or claims?

It is very easy! Before returning the goods, contact us by phone: +48 733 782 620, or by e-mail: Maybe, we shall find a quick and easy way to solve all problems. If the goods must be sent to solve the problem, proceed as described in instructions listed below:

1. Use the link below to download the return and claim forms

Goods return form

Claim form

2. Fill all data in the form correctly. Print, sign and date the form

3. Place the following items into the box with the goods to be returned:
a) filled and signed form
b) evidence of the fact of buying in the Internet shop (a cheque or VAT invoice)
c) other document confirming the fact and conditions of buying the Goods from the Seller
(e.g. a warranty coupon, an order confirmation from е-mail etc.)

4. Use any convenient method to send your parcel to the address:
Habdzin 19, 05-520 Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland. For IPICASSO Sp. z o.o.

Note: The Buyer must pay the postage.
However, if you return the goods of improper quality, the Seller will refund you these money

What are your possible demands?

a) return of Goods and money paid for them
b) exchange of Goods by another Goods*

a) exchange of Goods of improper quality by the same Goods of proper quality (if available for the Seller)
b) appropriate reduction  of the purchase price of Goods
c) correction of drawbacks of Goods free of charge
d) termination of the Sales Contract and refunding of money paid for Goods

Conditions for the Seller to satisfy the Buyer's demands and to consider them reasonable

a) Goods never were in use and remain new
b) all useful properties and qualities are preserved
c) original packing was not opened or breached anyway
d) Goods are available in accordance with the manufacturer's initial and complete scope of delivery

a) Obvious manufacturing defect of Goods, such that the report from an authorized service center  is not necessary to recognize this defect. In such a case, the Seller makes a decision at own discretion
b) A report from an authorized service center confirming that the Goods are defective, or an independent expertise report
c) Mechanical damages of Goods caused in transit during the delivery of Goods to the Buyer (if these damages are confirmed by the defective Goods report signed both by the Buyer and a courier)
d) Goods delivered to the Buyer are not the Goods listed in the Order
e) Other obvious reasons and signes making it possible to recognize the Goods as defective, inappropriate or not meeting the contract terms and conditions

Reasons for the Seller's refuse to satisfy the Buyer's demands

a) Goods were already in use
b) the original packing is breached or damaged
c) traces resulting from operation and use are visible
d) Goods are listed in the list of goods not subject to exchange and refunding in accordance with the legislation

a) Buyer's failure to observe maintenance, storage and operation instructions
b) inaccurate or incorrect handling of Goods
c) use of Goods not in accordance with their intended purpose
d) mechanical damages caused by accidents, impacts or falls
e) manufacturer's labels or seals (if any) are not intact

Times for the Seller to consider and satisfy the Buyer's demands

The Seller shall consider a claim and inform about the result within 14 calendar days after the submission but not earlier than the date when the goods send are really received by the Seller

Times and modes of money refunding if the Buyer's demands are satisfied by the Seller

14 calendar days after the application submission but not earlier than the date when the Goods listed in the application are really received by (or delivered to) the Seller.
Money shall be refunded by the Seller in the same form as the payment for Goods was made. For these purposes:
a) if a card was used to pay for Goods, money shall be refunded to the settlement account of the same card;
b) if payment for Goods was made in cash (payment upon receipt), money shall be refunded to the settlement account that you have listed in the application for return or claim;
c) in case of any other form of e-payment for goods (payment integrators, e-money etc.), money shall be refunded to the account from which money were received as the payment for goods


1) The return/claim form sheet must be sent in a parcel with the goods. The application is necessary to consider the claim.                   

2) If the return and claim form sheets made available by the Seller cannot be printed, the Buyer's options are as follows:                              

a) prepare a hand-written application in accordance with the form offered by the seller. This form is not mandatory, only recommended. The Buyer may write an application in any form; however, it must contain all  significant data such as: name; surname; street (building and apartment number); postcode; city; telephone; E-mail; product description (name, code(item) and quantity); order number and date; goods receipt date; reason for return (if a claim is submitted); individual (personal) data for return; bank name and address; banking account number to credit money to it. If a claim is submitted, please describe the reasons in details.               

b) fill the blank in an electronic form and send it to the Seller's e-mail:                

3) Method used to package the goods for selling must meet the characteristics, properties and nature of goods and must prevent goods from being damaged in transit                     

4) The Seller will not accept the parcels if postage is not prepaid by the Buyer. The Buyer shall arrange the parcel delivery at own expenses and through own efforts. If the claim is recognized as reasonable the Seller will compensate the postage expenses for the Buyer                         

5) To meet the requirement for a claim submission period, you must only submit an application to the e-mail or send a letter to the Seller's address before the period expiry                             

6) The Seller shall not make any payments or exchanges BEFORE receiving the Goods listed in claims or in demands for return                          

7) The cost of delivery of goods must be not higher than the similar cost offered by the Seller for its goods delivery                   

8) *The exchange of goods shall be carried out in accordance with the principle and procedure of return, followed by money refunding and the new order checkout