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How to paint. Detailed Instructions


The method of drawing paint by numbers sets for adults or children is very simple and will give you a lot of fun! No special skills are required. You just need a water container for washing brushes, a couple of napkins for sponging and a little bit of patience – all the rest is already inside the creative set PICASSO ;-)



1) Find the correct number of color that corresponds to the number in a painting you want to paint 




2)Draw the appropriate fragment (segment) of picture that corresponds to the number of paint. 
Important: do not dilute the paints with water!

3) Having finished one number, clean the brush and begin to paint another one. Important: do not mix colors!

4) Using dry brush, pass to the following number.

5) Paint all numbers on canvas and you see the result of your work. 


6) Grey areas on the canvas should be colored with the paint without number(normally it is the darkest base color).


1. The paint dries very quickly! Make sure paint jar is tightly closed when you are not using it.

2. Do not leave the brush in the paint! Wash the brush thoroughly immediately after the use.

3. Paints have a fixing force, so they cannot be washed off after drying.

4. Do not allow the paint to dry completely on your hands, clothes or interior items! Wash it as quickly as possible.

5. Do not give to children under 3 years old – contains small parts!



So, you opened up the paint by numbers creative set with and you can't wait to start creating your masterpiece. The following tips will help you draw a picture in the way you can be proud of your work, and at the end of coloring it can be difficult to guess that the picture is drawn using this method (by numbers).

All recommendations can conventionally be divided into 3 groups:

1) Rules and sequence of drawing

2) Rules on paints application

3) Rules on taking care of brushes

Certainly, it is impossible to tell and describe all the nuances that exist in this article, as painting is a real art. We just tried to summarize the already accumulated practical experience of drawing together with the recommendations of different manufacturers and present it in the most accessible form. So:



Preparation of paints

It does not require any effort! The whole feature is that the paintings by numbers PICASSO do not require any mixing of colors to achieve the desired shade and effect: everything is ready and numbered, as the manufacturer took care of it in advance! In our sets the paints are perfectly matched in color range and presented in the right amount so that your future masterpiece be similar to the original, and maybe even better ; -) It all depends on you!

Pay attention to the numbering of paints in the containers

When painting by numbers, it is essential that the numbers on the containers match the numbers on the canvas. Sometimes it happens that 2-3 jars have the same number. It is not a mistake. The fact is that some particular plot requires paints of certain color more than others. Therefore, the same paint can be poured into 2-3 jars, respectively, these paints have the same number. Therefore, the numbering sequence is as follows:

Opening of flacon (paint jar)

Open a flacon with paint carefully, without applying force - it can damage the flacon. To prevent the paint from drying, always open only those paints that are really necessary for you at the moment.


For convenience place the following items near you: the image of the finished picture, paints, brush, canvas with contours, a control sheet, a glass with water, a piece of cloth and matches (toothpicks) for mixing of paints.

It is better to choose a place with good lighting. Lead round the large surfaces first with a thick brush, and then paint the surfaces with a thinner brush. Make sure you have painted over the contour lines. It is considered normal if dark paint covers the canvas better than the light one. If the contours or numbers shine through, paint them for several times.

How to hold brush

Hold the brush like a pen. For stability put your hand on the surface and turn the picture so that its location is convenient for you.

Order of drawing

There is no single approach to the order of drawing. There are several drawing techniques:

1. You can draw a picture “line by line”, from the top of the picture to the bottom.

2. However, you can achieve better results if you draw “from the background to the front”, at first painting the objects in the background, and then in the foreground. For example, you draw a landscape. In this case, the drawing order is as follows:, 2.clouds, 3.meadow, 4. trees, 5. leaves, 6. flowers.

Sometimes the following question may also arise: how to paint a picture: by numbers or by colors? Empirically and based on experience (Attention: such opinions belong to “doers” and are not official recommendations of the manufacturer), some users have identified two options:

1) In the sequence of paints numbers in the set:

from increasing the total number of areas and contours that need to be painted in one color, to their decreasing. Example: paint No. 1 in painting set is for 15 contours and paint No. 2 is for ten contours;

from the larger total area of the contours, which should be painted with one color, to the smaller area. This can be assessed visually “by eye”.

2) In sequence from lighter shades and colors to more vivid and dark

This is due to the fact that if you make error in the coloring, it is more difficult to paint dark segment with light color than to paint light segments with dark color. In other words, you need more layers to paint dark segment with white color and vice versa: you need on layer to paint light segment with dark color i.e. it is much easier.

As you can see, there are many options and interpretations of technique of painting by numbers. Various combinations and alternations of techniques and methods are also possible, which gives us an infinite number of options. In other words, nothing limits you, except for your imagination, desires and skills. Do not make too much of anything: you should draw in the way that is convenient, pleasant and comfortable for you. Just start to draw a picture and in the process you will understand what technique and method of drawing is most acceptable and convenient for you.

For a perfect image of the finished picture, paint not painted places and shied through numbers. As in art galleries, look at the picture and assess it from 2-3-meter distance.

For information to skillful artists

The effect of drawing can be enhanced by applying different paint thicknesses. To do this, apply the remaining paint with thick layer on the elements of the picture that you would like to emphasize. This will help to give the painting the effect of the prominence.


Acryl paints after drying acquire light luster and beautiful look. The surface of the painting can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Additional care is not required. If desired, a few days after a painting drying you can cover its surface with a special picture varnish. Glossy varnish will enhance the brightness of colors and matt varnish will remove glare. Varnish can be purchased in special shops for artists and craftsmen.


If you place a picture in the appropriate beautiful frame, it will be a real masterpiece! To preserve the effect of the picture, you do not need to place it under glass. You can decorate a picture with an ordinary frame, having bought it in  our store, self-service shops, or a sophisticated frame, having bought it in specialized shops or galleries.



It is necessary to follow the rules on paints application to draw without problems. This is crucial!

Therefore, please read the following rules carefully and follow the instructions.

Important: once the jars with paint are opened, the shelf life of the paint becomes limited!

Rule 1

Open the jars with paint just before you start drawing. It is very difficult to pack quick drying paints in such a small volume (approximate 3ml), so that they can be stored for a long time. Our jars meet this requirement. However, once they have been opened, the paint may dry. Therefore, an amateur artist should complete the picture as soon as possible after opening the jars with paint.

Rule 2

Remove the paint from the lid back into the jar using a brush. The boxes at the shop or at the warehouse could be stored in an upright position. Therefore, when you open the jar a little paint may be on the lid.

Rule 3

Despite the fact that the containers for paint are tightly closed and specially designed to preserve all the properties of the paint, the paint in them may slightly thicken during storage, for example, due to temperature changes. To “revive“ the paint and use again, just add a couple of drops of water and mix thoroughly. The paints are ready to use again!

Rule 4

Once the jars with paint are opened, try to finish the picture without long breaks. After the first opening of the jars, there is a possibility that the paint may dry. So after opening the jars with paint try to use them within maximum period of 10 weeks.

Rule 5

If you want to take a break from work, close the containers tightly, preliminary removing traces of liquid or already dried paint from the lid, from the edges of the lid and sealing grooves of the lid. Make sure that the lid fits tightly to the jar and is completely closed.

Picture A shows correctly closed jar.


On picture A the container is airtight as the edges of the container smoothly put into the clean sealing grooves in the lid. The lid fits tight to the edges of the jar.

Picture B shows wrongly closed jar.

The remains of the paint do not allow the lid to close tightly. Thus, the air penetrating into the container, dry out the paint. Therefore, clean each jar thoroughly before closing it. Remove remains of paint from the edges of the container with a fingernail or cloth and from circular sealing grooves with a toothpick or a large needle. Before closing the jar, make sure its edges and lid are clean.

Rule 6

If you are planning to take a break from drawing for a few weeks, close the jars with paint tightly as described above, then wrap them in a wet damp cloth and put in a plastic bag or plastic box. This will help to protect the paint from drying out. However, this cannot guarantee that the already opened paints will remain ready for use and will retain their properties for many months or years.

Rule 7

After each break in drawing, the viscosity of the paint should be slightly adjusted to ensure its appropriate application. After all, paints contain water that quickly evaporates from open containers. So paint densifies a little. But it is easy to correct: add a few drops of water and mix thoroughly.



For the brush to serve you for a long time and qualitatively you need to perform the following recommendations. Artists sometimes complain on the quality of brushes. However, in most cases this is due to improper brush care.

The most frequent faults:

1. Do not leave a brush in a glass with water.

2. Never clean the brush with harsh chemicals.

3. Never use a brush to stir the paint.

4. Never clean the dried paint off with your nails.

Correct care for brush:

A brush consists of three parts: handle, metal fastener and nappy part.

1. After drawing, immediately wipe off the paint remains from the brush.

2. Rinse the brush in clean warm water.

3. Gently lather the brush and then rinse it again.

4. Wipe the water off the brush with rotating movements. The paint should not remain on the end of the metal fastener.

5. Use your fingers to give the nappy part of the brush its original shape, forming the tip.

6. Put a brush and let it dry on its own. Do not use a heater or a hair dryer!

There is also one more main and important rule – don’t be afraid!

Create, experiment, mix and don't be afraid to spoil!

Paint for pleasure, everything will be fine! With creative sets PICASSO the result is guaranteed ;-)

Good luck to you in painting by numbers and shopping!

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