Summer daisies
Summer daisies
Item code: 5078
Item code: 5078

Summer daisies

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Single picture
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Summer daisies - a paint by numbers set for a beginner artist.

Are you looking for an activity that you could devote your free time to? Do you have a passion that would allow you to develop and spend time in a creative way? Undoubtedly, the paint by numbers set is a perfect start that can let you fall in love with art, painting and original works created by yourself.


With the set you will receive acrylic paints, brushes and canvas on wooden frame, on which there is a necessary sketch that allows you to make a step-by-step work that is adequate to the original. Summer daisies, as the name says, is a picture of these beautiful, summer flowers. Looking at the finished work it would seem that it is impossible to create it by ourselves. It is enough, however, to order such a set and slowly, with calmness, commitment and willingness to start the fun, and the end result will satisfy even the most critical amateurs of extraordinary art.

"Summer daisies" - fun combined with art!

Life is about finding something that makes us happy, which gives us satisfaction and fun. By choosing to paint by numbers, no doubt, every amateur and aspiring artist will find a true passion in creating such works, which will become the beginning of an extraordinary road, full of colors and joy.


For whom, then, is painting by numbers? For everyone. For young people and for adults, for people who like to create, who have an artistic passion, but also for those who want to take their first steps in painting. Such sets are also an excellent gift offer. We are convinced that anyone who chooses iPicasso paint by numbers sets at any time will be happy to reach for more series of paintings from a range of products that allow them to create their own works using draw by numbers technique.

Main characteristics
  • Image size
  • Picture format
    Single picture
  • Series
  • Subject
Additional characteristics
  • Difficulty level ( from 1 to 5)
  • Number of colors in the set, pcs
  • Requires assembly
Package list
  • Beautiful multi-colored packaging
  • Primed canvas made of pure cotton, canvas stretched on a wooden frame
  • Wall mounting
  • A set of acrylic paints based on non-toxic components. Paints do not require mixing
  • Paint are sealed in vacuum package to prevent from drying
  • Set of three paintbrushes of different thickness made of elastic nylon fiber
  • Check sheet
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