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Single picture
Rural landscapes
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We present you with a set for creativity «Paint by Numbers» Picasso Premium series that will fill your life with colors, emotions and help you spend your time in an interesting and exciting way.

Picasso Premium - uncompromising quality, artistic level of development of the set and unique colors of paints, packed in special containers.

Experienced artists work thoroughly on every detail of the theme of the image; clear paints are packed in sealed tubes, they have the most intense and deep color among competitors. Paints do not require mixing and are ideally chosen to match the image.

The canvas is placed on a strong wooden frame and is pre-colored, which makes the process of applying paints simple and more convenient.

Thanks to all the advantages, the Picasso Premium finished paintings are extremely bright, saturated, realistic and fully compliant with the manufacturer's drawings.

Start painting now and create a bright, colorful picture even without painting skills!

Paint by numbers - is a great gift, a beautiful decorative element, an unusual element of the interior and an original surprise!

The Picasso Premium set has everything you need for your future masterpiece: acrylic paints, brushes and natural canvas, placed on the wooden frame (stretcher).

It only remains to add some patience, willingness and 2 teaspoons of talent ;-)

Paint with pleasure - everything will turn out beautiful and exciting, your masterpiece by numbers will be one of a kind!

Picasso guarantees!

Main characteristics
  • Brand
  • Image size
  • Picture format
    Single picture
  • Series
  • Subject
    Rural landscapes
Additional characteristics
  • Difficulty level ( from 1 to 5)
  • Number of colors in the set, pcs
  • Requires assembly
Package list
  • Beautiful multi-colored packaging
  • Primed and pre-colored canvas made of pure cotton, canvas already stretched on a wooden frame
  • Wall mounting
  • A set of acrylic paints based on non-toxic components. Paints do not require mixing
  • Each color is individually packed in special tube to prevent paints from drying
  • Set of three paintbrushes of different thickness made of elastic nylon fiber
  • Check sheet
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